Great LED Toys for the Kids at a GREAT Price!

LED Toys for the Kids!

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Estone® 1pc Spin LED Light Outdoor Toy Frisbees Boomerangs Flying Saucer Helicopter UFO

Features: 3 different color LEDs flashlight creating amazing lighting effect while spinning., Style: Spin LED Light Outdoor Toy Frisbees Flying Saucer Helicopter UFO, LEDs will glow automatically while spinning, Made of durable plastic, Easy to control: Simply pull the rope in the hurdle and it creates wonderful spinning effect., Color: Blue & Green ( we will random color) (battery included)

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LED Finger Lights by Light On – Rave Gear Accessories Perfect for Rave Parties, Kids Party, Party Favors, Events, Sleepovers or Just For Fun! 20pcs

Features: PERFECT FOR RAVES – Show up ready to party with Green, Red, Blue, and White lights and make your own light show at any concert, BLACK FRIDAY WEEK SALE – Save close to 50% today with our CRAZY Black Friday Deals!!, BE THE LIGHT OF THE PARTY – Stay lit all through the night without any worries that your lights will just shut off, JUST FOR FUN – Use them in any occasion, party favors, incentives in the classroom for good behavior, fundraisers, church events, sporting event and more!, BUY YOURS TODAY! – Get yours by clicking the “Add to Cart” button and let us know what you think

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Gyro – SODIAL(R) Laser Color Flash LED Light Music Gyro Peg-Top Spinner Spinning Kids Toy

Features: 100% Brand New and High Quality, Made of durable Material., Light weight and durable, Flexible and easy clean, RGB led was installed, and it will change 7 different colors when you open it, Can rotate by different angle: 180¡ã, 90¡ã, 45¡ã, the more surprise will be found by your smart children.

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12pc Amazing Led Light Arrow Rocket Helicopter Flying Toy Party Fun Gift Elastic

Features: Helicopter, Toy, Arrow Rocket, Flying Toy, Party Fun Gift

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